How I Structured My NodeJS Projects

Architecture — Photo from Pexels

I had a hard time marrying my knowledge back then with the idea of a server-side JavaScript application.

Struggle was REAL


There are thousands of ways to skin a cat. But we won’t be doing one here.

  1. Modularize Components
  2. Expose APIs
  3. Simplify Configurations
  4. Fetch Logs Easily
  5. Output Webpages
- project
- src
- components
- api
- modules
- config
- logs
- node_modules
- public
- assets
- css
- img
- js
- routes
- util
- app.js
- server.js
- package.json

Project Structure


  1. The api directory will contain the API controllers, these controllers will call the necessary service modules. It’s expected that you group your contents by functionality. In this way, you can take advantage of working on related APIs altogether.
  2. The modules directory will contain atomic services. These services will be consumed by the different API and page controllers that will render the data for consumption.




  1. The assets directory will contain all of the HTML views, CSS, JS and media. The HTML views will render the data retrieved from the different services. The page controllers will be handling the incoming requests for processing, and for rendering the corresponding HTML views.



Final Thoughts





Software Development. Indie Hacker. Startups. Tech.

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Software Development. Indie Hacker. Startups. Tech.

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